About us

To see every interested individual in the world communicate fluently in Yoruba language thereby upholding the Yoruba values and culture.

To forge meaningful and inspiring bonds that mirror children’s daily experiences, while honoring the depth of Yoruba Language, history, and culture.

Our core values are the foundation of our organization culture. We deliver our services with Excellence, Innovation, Creativity and Flexibilit

Discover the Author's Inspiration

In 2017, my daughter was introduced to a structured approach to learning the Yoruba Language by Mr. Wole Atoyebi; her Yoruba Language Teacher from Riverbank School in Lagos, Nigeria. As a mother, I was eager to provide literature that will reinforce what she was learning in school but the more I searched for books that would excite her like the English books she read, the more disappointed I was.

 while I knew what I wanted for her in a Yoruba book, I was not quite sure of how to go about putting it in a book but continued to research English literature she enjoyed reading, making mental notes of what I liked and could possibly include in a Yoruba Language book for children. Mirroring their everyday experiences and my childhood memories provided the right platform for a book(s) children could relate to(or identify with) while reviewing Yoruba vocabulary they already know, and quickly grasp new ones.

In 2022, OCubeBooks Inc. was incorporated to create memories through publishing Yoruba books a Nigerian child can easily relate to while learning to speak, read, write Yoruba, and appreciate the beauty and richness of the Yoruba culture and language.

“Language is the roadmap of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”

Rita Mae Brown

“A people without a language of its own is only half a nation. A nation should guard its language more than its territories, it's a surer barrier and a more important frontier than mountain or river.”

Thomas Davis